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We are Building a Better 'Burg. Together!

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Cornerstone Vision to a Better 'Burg

It takes opening a new high school now to build a better 'Burg. It takes hiring a full time sustainability coordinator to build a better 'Burg. It takes single stream recycling to build a better 'Burg. It takes revising our justice system to build a better 'Burg. It takes strengthening economic development to build a better 'Burg. It takes investing in teachers, public safety, and private businesses to build a better 'Burg. It takes respecting everyone's opinion to build a better 'Burg! It takes love to build a better 'Burg!

Cultural Connector

Chris Jones knows the value of being a part of a connected community. That's why daily he acts as a conduit to connect individuals and organizations within our community that typically do not convene with one another. There is value and benefit for all involved as a result of the variety of diverse relationships that Chris Jones has built over the years. 


Chris Jones has been an active part of the Harrisonburg community since arriving in 1996. He has aligned himself with the residents, non-profits, students, businesses, and the faith community; working tirelessly to make it a better place.

Chris Jones' Bio

Personal Details

Lover of God. Husband of Harrisonburg Native, Terra. Father of Four. Youngest Son. A Baby Brother. Cool Uncle. Marketing Expert. Recruitment Specialist. Business Development Professional. Public Servant. Taurus. Under 40.

Special Gift

I have been blessed with the gift of faith. Fortunately, I always believe in better and hold on to hope. When I encounter doubt, I view it as an opportunity to be bold in faith. I am passionate about encouraging others when they have lost hope or direction.

Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things are sushi, bacon, a clean car, Psalm 34, fresh sneakers, live sports, pocket squares, and options. I love options. 

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We are Building a Better 'Burg. Together!

I love engaging with residents of Harrisonburg and its business owners. I look forward to hearing from you. We can set up a meeting too!